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What to Expect

My goal is to explain the business of American healthcare.

As such, there will be relatively low emphasis on public policy or aggregate health outcomes, and a greater emphasis on analyzing the companies that deliver and pay for care. That includes:

  • Health Insurers

  • Hospitals, Health Systems, and IDNs

  • Drug Companies

  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

  • Pharmacies (retail pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, specialty pharmacies)

  • Emerging startups

  • Digital health players

I want to understand and explain the various business models that these companies pursue, and the value chains that they participate in. What drives the major decisions that they make, and which companies are likely to be most successful? What are the incentives that they respond to? And most importantly, what leads to the best patient outcomes?

The newsletter is published when I have time to work on it, expected to be every 1-2 weeks. I have a day job and a toddler, so no promises!

About Me

I spent 6 years working as a management consultant for major pharmaceutical clients, focused on commercial strategy. Since then, I’ve worked in other industries, focused on a mix of strategy and data analytics. I’m also interested in following trends in the tech industry, and in Machine Learning/AI.

Get In Touch

I love to hear from readers—it’s what keeps me motivated to write. If you read something on the blog that you want to talk about, please email or DM me so we can learn from each other. I tweet @SecurelyHashed, DMs are open. Follow this blog @caseloadblog. I enjoy hiking and reading.

I’m based in Philadelphia. If you’re nearby, let’s meet in person.

Style Guide

Do you want to mention or cite the Caseload, but find yourself confused by the cumbersome name? I usually spell Caseload as one word, not two. When in doubt, include the definite article, but don’t capitalize it unless it’s at the beginning of a sentence or something. I realize the logo doesn’t follow any of these conventions, I’m sorry about that :(


Views presented are my own and don’t represent the opinions of my employer, past employers, or anyone else.

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Steve Hardgrove

Formerly a consultant in the pharma industry. I have since worked in real estate and telco, focused on data analytics and strategy. Figuring out healthcare!